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Top 11 Things You Need To See In Iceland

Are you crazy enough to visit Iceland? Tiny isolated island full of friendly Vikings, unique culture, living myths and last but not least, the mind-blowing nature with spectacular sceneries. If you are looking for a new, interesting holiday spot, Iceland should definitely be in your bucket list. And if we didn’t convince you yet, here […]

Top Reasons Why Wonderful Austria Wins Your Heart On Christmas

Do you suffer with After-Christmas-Syndrome as well as we do?
Well, let’s then bring back some of the Christmas atmosphere and tune us up again for the best time of a year. And what will tune you better than Austria?

Why We Love 6th December!

St Nicholas Day

Do you want to know why do we love 6th December in Slovakia? It is very special day especially for kids because we celebrate St. Mikuláš or St. Nicholas Day, who brings sweat treats to all children to their clean boots while they sleep. And when they wake up on 6th December, they run to […]

This Wonderful Slovak Village Will Make You Believe in Fairytale

This Wonderful Slovak Village Will Make You Believe in Fairytale, Čičmany, Cicmany, Interesting villages, best of Slovakia, Cicmany UNESCO, Slovak heritage,

There is no doubt that everyone knows a fairytale about siblings Hansel and Gretel who has been kidnapped by a bad witch and taken to her gingerbread house – hidden among woods. But what if I told you, there is one place in the world where you can see the real gingerbread house? Actually, the […]