Radoslav and Barbara Cajkovic

We are artists and travelers, open-minded people who always go against the mainstream (yes it is sometimes hard).
We don’t like ordinary things and stereotype way of living.
We think of life as a self-discovering journey and the soul-enriching opportunity, what can be reached through various channels – love and relationships, traveling, art, learning, helping and caring for others, religions…

We both have known yet from our childhood that journeys, trips, and traveling is something very fulfilling, and this is what we want to do, or at least try.
I’m talking about real traveling of course.

Many people think that traveling is 2 weeks gateway once a year in a luxury hotel in some exotic country, lying next to the pool with the book and mixed drinks.
It’s a nice idea, good relax but honestly, it has nothing to do with traveling. Yes, many can argue that they can have a few expeditions, walks and trips in the area of their comfortable holiday. But all you can see there at the end is only artificial towns, shops, attractions, parks etc. They are built and set up only to satisfy visitors and improve tourist flow for the better business. What you can not see is the real mentality and nature of people. How they treat to foreigners without trying to sell them something, how is their own culture absorbed into daily life, and nevertheless, how you can be enriched by this new cultural experience.

For us, traveling is something more spiritual than one might think. Only if you live it for yourself, you can understand how passionate travelers are reaching deep into their souls during their journey.

Sometimes it is like revealing the old archetypes hidden deep in our human side. You are connecting to new cultures, new people, new places, and then you are losing it in order to continue in journey.

One day brings joy and happiness, the other day is all about sadness, confusions, sorrow. But this is the thing which we have learned. We have learned that not only good and pleasant experiences are helpful and fulfilling, but the bad and sad ones are important as well.
Only with this attitude you can fully enjoy travels and learn to appreciate life itself. Then you catch yourself to be extremely happy and thankful for the simple or little things which are usually automatic part of the modern life and nobody pays attention to honor them – like for example hot shower, electric kettle, a warm place to stay etc.

And freedom, freedom is the best part of it.
No one can trace you.
No one and nothing limits you.
You can decide for yourself absolutely, unconditionally.
We are independent.


Nelson Lakes - Lake Rotoiti