Top 8 Things Which Make You Want To Visit Singapore Now

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Are you about to visit Singapore? If you haven’t visited this enchanting “city of future” by now, you should definitely do it! This vivid metropolis of South East Asia is nothing like its neighbors in the area. It became a global commerce, referred as an “easiest place to to the business” and ranks as the 3rd-largest financial […]

The true story – How dream holiday suddenly turned to hell!

The truth story - How dream holiday suddenly turned to hell!

When I and my hubby met, it was truly passionate love from the first sight, and we knew since the beginning that we want to spend together the rest of our lives. Our romantic story is one of the most horrifying travel memories at the same time. We have been dreaming and preparing for a […]

“You Have To Be Rich To Travel”: Top 4 Travel Myths Busted!

"You Have To Be Rich To Travel": Top 4 Travel Myths Busted!, Travel Myths

Have you always wanted to travel and be free? What drew you back? Was it yourself, or other people telling you that you’re a dreamer? Maybe it is the combination of two of those above. Your fear of unknown and uncertainty with a combination of fear and uncertainty of others in a conversation about this topic. […]

New Year Comes With A New Award!

This is our third time we have been nominated for the Liebster Award! Thanks to you Rachel & Matt from Across Land & Sea for nominating us, we appreciate it. Here are our answers to your questions: Tell us about your blog – how did it start and why did you decide to write one? Our blog […]

Top 11 Things You Need To See In Iceland

Are you crazy enough to visit Iceland? Tiny isolated island full of friendly Vikings, unique culture, living myths and last but not least, the mind-blowing nature with spectacular sceneries. If you are looking for a new, interesting holiday spot, Iceland should definitely be in your bucket list. And if we didn’t convince you yet, here […]