The Craziest And Greatest Gift Ideas For This Christmas

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Christmas is undoubtedly a favorite time of the year for most of us. We all can’t wait to spend time with our loved ones, make a feast and give and receive gifts under the twinkling Christmas tree.
However, no matter how we like this Christmas season, it tends to bring us some stress as well. Stress from getting all done at work, preparations, gift shopping, simply everything that needs to be done in order to enjoy the holidays at their best.

One of my personal struggles every year is to buy good Christmas gifts.
I try to buy something which really lightens up the person, something useful, needed or simply original.
And this is where I always find to miss a good source of Christmas gift ideas.

That’s why I decided to come up with my own list and here it is:

Design T-shirt

What’s better than a funny t-shirt? Or the one with the funny quote, cartoon, favorite band… you name it. You can’t disappoint anyone with the quality T-shirt with great design. The best of this gift ideas is, that by purchasing it, you support an independent artist who designed it. Not the lame fashion giants, but really cool people with creative minds.

Except for T-shirts, you can also choose mugs, stickers, notebooks, phone cases, tote bags and much more! Don’t spend a fortune cause this shopping is addictive 🙂
My personal picks are below:


I love fun and sarcasm, that’s why I fell in love with the tees by mean.

Checkout T-shirts by MEAN


I also love this penguin design made by my hubby Radocation, it’s cute and available on many products from clothing to pillows and cases.

Checkout awesome designs by Radocation

Coolest Clothing For Your Kids

When it comes to our kids, we are prepared to spend a lot of money to get perfect Christmas gifts for them. The same applies to the clothing. I rather save on myself to buy some really cool and quality stuff to our baby.
Once we found out Sleep no more, there is no question it belongs to one of our favorite baby/toddler clothing brands out there! Their designs are outstanding and original and what’s more, all their products are made from organic cotton safe for delicate baby’s skin.
Our Ezra already owns a three of their unique bodysuits.


Checkout cool kids apparel by Sleep no more


Scratch Off World Map Poster 

Well, what can I say? It’s one of the most original gifts for travelers I’ve ever seen. A huge poster with the world map where you can scratch off all the countries you have visited. Moreover, there are cool stickers so you can highlight places and write something nice on it.

Checkout world map poster

Trtl Travel Pillow 

Ok, I know it looks kind of stupid on the pic, and maybe you may feel embarrassed to have it on the neck, but once you travel frequently and long haul, there is not the better thing under the sun.
What I would give for this invention back when I was flying 30+ hours from Europe to New Zealand! When you try to have just a little bit of sleep in the plane, just as you start to drift off your head starts to fall and it wakes you up. This pillow holds your head up comfortably so you won’t need to end up curled on two seats to get some decent sleep.

Checkout Trtl Travel Pillow


This is a no-brainer. In the world which is dying from the trash of the things which were made to serve only for a short time of our lives, buying more and more stuff doesn’t help to either, people and planet.
We can own many things which will bring us temporary joy, but experiences will last forever. Experiences make and shape our lives, not the material things, that’s why it should be your no. 1 gift!

Any kind of experience is also probably the best gift for any traveler out there. It can be a flight ticket, a cruise ticket, bungee jumping session, a week gateway in a spa resort and countless other options.


We all have dreams and life goals but often it’s very hard and distant to reach them due to lack of knowledge. If you know that your loved one dreams about becoming a graphic designer, or would like to improve their photography skills to become a professional photographer, why not giving them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams?
There are many quality courses already held online which means you can take them anytime from anywhere. They are also better priced.
I would personally be very thankful for such a gift. At Udemy you will find hundreds of online courses with the great holiday prices:

Checkout Udemy courses


Whether its novel or an educational book, it’s always a great idea for gift. Because you’re not only giving “a book”, you’re also giving an inner space. Space for the fantasy, self-development, creativity and the personal world.
No wonder why Icelanders have a tradition of giving books to each other as Christmas gifts and then spending the night reading them!
Here’s my pick:

Checkout books here


What are your Christmas gift ideas?

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