Flight tickets

Skyscanner is our proven tool to which we are reaching out when looking for the cheapest flight deals.
They have the best comparison system which offers many great deals, often the ones you can’t find anywhere else!


When it comes to accommodation we always book with Hotels.com.
Besides the outstanding deals and secret prices, they have a great reward program where you collect points for every night booked with them. For every 10 nights, you will get ONE NIGHT FREE!


Life is very unpredictable. Bad things can happen anywhere in an instant.
Be sure to have a travel insurance prior journey.
So that you can be covered and supported in unexpected events.

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Hiring a car is often the cheapest option than any other kind of transportation. We always opt for KAYAK when looking for the car because they have unbeatable prices, especially on the cars. You can also find there good deals on hotels and flights.



As experienced travelers, our best advice to you is to get to know about the place as much as possible before arriving.
It will help you to have much more intense experience.

And who’s better in travel guides than Lonely Planet?

Travel Insurance Guide

Do you want the best deal for travel insurance?

This Travel Insurance Guide is a very useful resource from Compare on the importance of getting travel insurance coverage while abroad.

On this website, you can tailor your insurance needs according to your requirements and it will compare offers and show you the best insurance deals. Highly recommended by us!