Top Secret Gateway For Romantic Travelers At The End Of The World

Cape Palliser

Have You Ever Thought About How It Might Look At The “End Of The World”?

Honestly, I don’t know anyone  who would not want to escape to the end of the world from their busy lives and stress once at a time.

When me and my hubby have been exhausted enough from the work, we decided to travel again to recharge our batteries. We read about interesting place called Cape Palliser, but we didn’t expect that in fact, this place will be more miraculous, than any guide can write.
Because again, charm of this place can’t be describe by words. It must be live through.

Only Sea, Seals and Lighthouse

Less than 100km from Wellington – capital of New Zealand – is located southernmost point of North Island – Cape Palliser with its distinctive and probably the second most beautiful lighthouse (after famous Cape Reinga) in the country.
Built at the end of 19th century, lighthouse has long been used to ward off oncoming ships.

Driving there is pretty crazy because you really have feeling that you are leaving civilization, and the stunning coastal drive (very narrow and rough) offers sights at the precious seals colonies on the Palliser bay.

Nearest civilization “hint” next to the lighthouse is Ngawi town – one of the nation’s most isolated places. This small town mostly lives from fishing and tourism.
When we’ve been passing through Ngavi, only thing which was going on my mind was how can someone possibly live in such isolation from the world. I would definitely miss the bustle of city after a while. And yet, some people are really living here. For me, it is great just for holiday and relax, not for longer I thought… But, what if it is only the matter of habit? Maybe I could used to it, who knows?

Lighthouse took our breath. It was astonishing how it is raised against the cliffs on the top of the rock. After climbing 250 stairs we got to the lighthouse on the top of the rock and the view was like: “Oh my God!”.


On the right, there was a breath-taking view on the Ngawi town and whole Palliser Bay.
And in front of us just endless dark blue sea with the horizon and clear blue sky. Just like from Radito’s paintings. (You can see it here:
Sea so calming and soothing in the distance, and so disruptive and tumultuous close to us, with the relentless waves striking cliffs under us.

Seal Encounter

We didn’t need to try hard to sea seals. As soon as we got off the last step from lighthouse track, few metres from carpark were lying seals, 4 or 5 of them.
Sometimes you see only one first, and then you realize that thing nearby which looked like rock is actually resting seal.

We tried to came as close as possible, quietly and with respect to them of course.
They look so cute while sleeping, sometimes they open one eye just to let you know that they know about your presence.
Yeah, they are pretty clever creatures, very cute, but can be dangerous either. Once you approach them too close, they got angry and start groan.
They can even attack humans, so generally it is advised not to come closer than few metres from them.

encountering sealencountering seal at Cape Palliser

These poor animals have been hunted for their fur in the 19th century almost to their extinction. Nowadays commercial fisheries are one of the main threat of their population. Hopefully these lovely animals will not be the next one on the list of extinction.

The Most Romantic of Romantic

Sun was coming down so we drove to Ngawi and parked our van to freedom camping spot right on the beach!
This night was one of the most romantic camping nights of all times during our travel across NZ.
No one was there, except seals nearby, we had this place only for us.
All we could hear was just waves and occasionally some seal jumping to the water. Beautiful sunset finished this wonderful day.

Sunset at Cape Palliser

After dinner we spread blanket on grass and watched unbelievably starry sky. Sky was full of stars and milky ways, we tried to guess different constellations and talked about philosophical themes.
Later on I told my husband to choose from all sky, from all of these millions of stars only one, and focus on it. I did the same thing. So we both have chosen one star and then, we realized we have chosen the same one.
Isn’t it romantic?

Tsunami Nightmares

It wasn’t a calm night though. Parking our car too close to sea, we were undeniably not used to this yet. With the signs of potential threat of tsunami on almost every bay where people settled across country, we were always a bit scared of this very rare catastrophic event.
And sea wasn’t calm at this place indeed!
All night I had nightmares about tsunami coming, and I woke up several times because I thought I hear the noise like engine – for those who are not aware of tsunami whatsoever – it is typical noise before tsunami arrives.

However next day we enjoyed great morning, it looked like day is going to be really nice, sunny and warm. Drinking coffee and relaxing on the beach with seals, we prepared our trip.
Next stop was the Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve.

Seal at Cape Palliser

120, 000 Years Old Earth Pillars

We became used to the fact that New Zealand is country which never stops surprise us regarding its natural phenomenons.
Today we were going to make a small trip to Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve which is home to a very old high rock slabs formed by rain and floods as long as 120, 000 years.

These pillars was another filming spot of the legendary movie Lord of the Rings – specifically in Return of the King as a “Dimholt Road”.

It is very interesting end of trip when coming back from Cape Palliser.

This stay was one of the most beautiful memory we have from wandering across North Island.
I believe everyone has its own place of peace in the heart, but when it comes to name a specific place to describe as peaceful one for me, certainly it would be Cape Palliser.

What about you? Have you been somewhere where you felt like at the end of the world? Or somewhere where you felt comfortable, relaxed and peacefully?


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