We Have Been Awarded! Yaaay!

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It has passed a lot of time since I moved from just the thoughts about blogging to the real blogging and start to realize it. Mainly it was caused that I simply haven’t been able to kick me up to write something. Yes, there were some confusions about my English proficiency, but also kind of laziness and lack of free time with wi-fi connection – hah, that’s a good excuse!
But once your start, you don’t wanna do anything else anymore, really.


Nowadays, in the age of infinite possibilities in the digital sphere, everyone can contribute to the internet with their own thoughts and ideas. Which is an amazing thing in the first place, but also it can be used to not so kind things like spreading “fake” to the world by some greedy users.
Let me explain just for example – you can buy an article or a blog post for 5 – 10 bucks depend on how many words you want. You can set up a blog and don’t even bother to write something on your own, which is not quite fair but whatever. These kind of blogs or even some “magazines” and other platforms are posting everyday mostly useless information just to be shared on social medias and get as much traffic as possible. And more traffic means more income with the right ways.

This is why I honour the real bloggers who put their unique thoughts, ideas and information into their blogs on a daily basis and therefore contribute with the honest and worthy content to the world. No matter what is the blog about, if there are true, non-fake emotions and intentions, I like and support it.


This summer I engaged in the Blogging University and it was very impressive for me because I have learnt a lot about some basic facts about how the “blogosphere” is working and have met a lot of great people online. Actually the fact is that the supportive community was the best thing from all of it. Even though I was more engaged as an observer, it was really pleasure for me to be part of it. Big thank you to the blogging101 team and to all participants.

Liebster AwardThe absolute surprise for us was that our blog has been nominated to the Liebster Award from our lovely blogging friend Ananya. I was soo happy, thank you very much Ananya!


For the brief information Liebster Award is very lovely kind of appreciation from fellow bloggers to other bloggers to let them know that their like what they are doing online. It is a little love giving online.

The condition of accepting award is to accomplish these tasks:


  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions of your own for your nominees or you may use the same questions.
  • Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.


  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
    As I have mentioned in the first paragraph, the intention to lead a blog was in my head for some time before I actually started. I was into literature yet from childhood when I enjoyed reading books and writing poets. I was struggling to go online with my thoughts simply from the lack of some kind of writing confidence, but traveling with my husband gave me so many experiences and inspirations, it would be dumb not to share it.
  2. Describe yourself in one word.
  3. If you could time travel, would you rather go to the future or the past? Why?
    To the past, to tell my younger me some tips and advises which would help me find my path sooner than now.
  4. If you could go on a date with any celebrity/ famous person, who would you pick? Why?
    I would pick my husband since he is an artistic celebrity for me now and I believe he will be famous one day for his paintings. Otherwise, it would be Kurt Cobain, but rather than date I would prefer just the friendly interview.
  5. List 5 things from your bucket list.
    I don’t have any, I’m too messy and unorganized person, haha.
  6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you prefer to live?
    Sometimes I would love to live on the other planet, but when I’m actually not bothered from the bad things which are happening in the world everyday, it would be New Zealand, Australia and some places in the USA.
  7. Which is the last place you visited?
    Hard to say, it’s the matter of the specification, even when we are home we are constantly on the move 🙂 The last remarkable place I visited recently was Rome.
  8. Is there anyone who you would trust with your life (expect parents)?
    Of course my husband.
  9. Have you ever got lost, whilst traveling? What happened?
    Yes, it happens to us quite a lot of time because we are not that kind of people who plan and prepare everything in our life and this includes our travels. Last time we got lost in Kuala Lumpur for a while. We have been on our way to the hotel from the Johor Bahru, but we got off the train one later. Weve got very heavy backpacks on our back, so every 10 minutes we had to stop and release, put the backpack down. We tried to ask many people where is our hotel or the street, but nobody could help us. We got really tired, straying from one bus station to other looking for the right bus and asking people for help. Finally we stopped taxi and got to hotel this comfortable and for us unadventurous way of transport, but thanks to God, we really enjoyed it! 🙂
  10. What’s your favorite book?
    My favourite book of childhood was Harry Potter, my favourite book of the adulthood is not closed episode yet 🙂 but for now it is the book from great professor and philosopher Stefan Pecho – Spiritual Dimension of a Man. Unfortunately I’m not sure if this book is available in English.
  11. Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?
    Honestly, I’m asking this question nearly everyday to myself. Life is full of odds, unexpected things and surprises, joys, and sadness. I believe in some kind of fate or more simultaneous fates which are influenced by our choices and also our choices are predicted by our faith (karma) at the same time. I know it sounds confusing, and it really is. But for me, there are many options and answers to choose from, it is still better like to have closed conclusions and not to develop my knowledge to other spheres.


Being Zingy is a personal blog of one young and talented lady who was being frustrated from the fact how the adult life full of work and rules is killing creativity and spiritual growing. She is trying to regain back her creativity and skills in writing and painting. Her concept of blog is described by words “From Self-loathing to self-loving” and I absolutely love it! Ananya I wish you good luck with your creativity burst!

The Swedish Kiwi I know this lady has been awarded probably few times, but still, I can’t deny my inclination to Europeans´ expats to New Zealand 🙂

SonLight Arts positive and vibrant blog full of nice pictures and thoughts of an artist, wifey and mommy in one person. Good luck with your creations!

Anand´s Caricatures and Parodies is a personal blog of caricaturist called Anand, his posts are funny and almost always I catch myself smiling or laughing during reading some of them. I’m always curious about knowing new cultures and this blog is a great intercultural connection for me.

Travel Much? I think Olive was the first person ever I started to follow when I begun with blogging. When you read her posts, you simply can’t believe she’s not from English-speaking country. Well she’s not, she is actually Norwegian expat living in Denmark, formerly in Spain. Like her funny stories.

Musing of Another World another interesting blog, a great reading for the adventurous souls.

I don’t have any question to you as my nominees because all of you have already been nominated at least once and have probably answered a lot of questions.

I do have one voluntary question in case you are interested:

What would you take with yourself if you would go on the travels around the world?

Tongariro Crossing

Thank you

© 2015 Independent Couple

7 thoughts on “We Have Been Awarded! Yaaay!

  1. Ananya says:

    Great post! Really enjoyed reading your responses.
    And thank you for the nomination. Seems like you described my blog better than I could do it myself!

    Keep blogging!

  2. Olive Ole says:

    Thank you so much Sweetie! I have been nominated a couple times now, and I will pay it forward a little later, after this round has quieted some.

    The one thing I would bring on my travels is my mobile phone and power pack. I can blog from my phone and share pictures and stories from all the cool places I visit. I can keep track of any flighttickets or other travel arrangements hat might be necessary. And most important, my phone has a GPS that I can use to find my way back home when I get lost (and I do get lost a lot)

    • Barbaria says:

      Thats an interesting answer, I would respond the same way, but theres a little hitch involved. On the most beautiful places on this planet you can rarely find some internet connection 🙂

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