Top 11 Things You Need To See In Iceland

Are you crazy enough to visit Iceland?
Tiny isolated island full of friendly Vikings, unique culture, living myths and last but not least, the mind-blowing nature with spectacular sceneries.

If you are looking for a new, interesting holiday spot, Iceland should definitely be in your bucket list. And if we didn’t convince you yet, here is a list of Top 11 Things You Need To See In Iceland which will certainly assure you it’s worth to see.

1. Reykjavík

This small northernmost European capital is the base of every traveler who comes to Iceland. And believe me, even though it is a small city, you will love it. With its nordic architecture combined with cool tiny guesthouses, hipster stores and cafees, colorful rooftops and vibrant famous nightlife, Reykjavík is a great place to discover on the beginning of your journey.

Reykjavik, Reykjavík, travel, iceland, reykjavik travel

Reykjavik, Reykjavík, travel, iceland, reykjavik travel

You’re gonna have fun in Reykjavík

2. Geysir

Head to the Geysir if you want to see one of the first geyser known to the modern Europeans. It is already 10,000 years old! Located only 1,5-hour drive east from Reykjavík, it is popular tourist area for its active geothermal activity. You can even bath in a natural hot springs nearby.

Geysir, travel, iceland,

Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

3. Gullfoss waterfall

If you are going to visit Geysir, pay an effort to drive a bit further on the road 35 to see the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall. This huge waterfall and its surroundings beautifully supplement each other and create breath-taking scenery great for taking pictures.

Gullfoss waterfall, Gullfoss Iceland, Iceland travel guide © Gulfoss Waterfall by Radoslav Cajkovic

4. Skogafoss waterfall

Another great waterfall. Shouldn’t be Iceland called “the land of waterfalls” instead of the “land of fire and ice”?
Anyway, Skogafoss is located close to the main Ring Road (1) and there is a nice campsite right in front of it. It was awesome to wake up to this scenery!

Skogafoss waterfall, iceland travel, Skógafoss

Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

Camping in front of Skógafoss. Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland travel, camping Iceland, travel couple Camping in front of Skógafoss.

5. Jokulsarlón Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsarlón Glacier Lagoon belongs to the great Vatnajökull National Park mostly covered by a glacier. It is located directly on the main Ring Road and it is possible to camp there. So you can wake up to the most unbelievable scenery ever – a beautiful cold kingdom of floating glaciers on water. Don’t forget to walk along the beach, where are all icebergs washed up from waves and you can play with them. Really unique and unforgettable experience!

Jökulsárlón, Jökulsárlón beach, travel Iceland, travel guide iceland Playing with icebergs at Jökulsárlón beach.

6. Detifoss waterfall

Detifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. This almighty nature’s gift is accessible only in the main season in summer.

7. Mývatn Lake

This shallow lake situated on the active volcanic area is home to a wide range of waterbirds, mostly ducks. Along with nice lake sceneries, it is a great spot for bathing in secret hot springs. One of these hot pools has been used in a popular scene from The Game Of Thrones.

Aurora Borealis at Myvatn Lake. Mývatn Lake, Iceland travel Aurora Borealis at Mývatn Lake. Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

Dimmuborgir Lava Fields near Mývatn Lake. Dimmuborgir Lava Fields near Mývatn Lake.

8. Dynjandi

Dynjandi waterfalls are located in the isolated Westfjords which are far less visited by tourists than popular spots along Ring Road route. We recommend visiting Westfjords not only because of these beautiful waterfalls and great camping spot within them but also because there is a lot of places where you can bath in a natural hot pool – just for yourself.

Dynjandi waterfall. Dynjandi, iceland, travel Dynjandi waterfall. Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

9. Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs

This very remote place is only accessible through the never-ending gravel road. But once you reach it and are lucky enough, you can watch and encounter a rare colony of Puffins – Icelandic national birds. These birds nests between grand and green cliffs and the tumultuous sea. What a beautifully merciless place.

Látrabjarg, Látrabjarg Bird Cliff Látrabjarg. Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

Látrabjarg, Látrabjarg Bird Cliff Látrabjarg. Photography created by ©Radoslav Cajkovic

10. Ísafjörður And Surroundings

Ísafjörður is isolated fisherman city located among rough fjords of Westfjords in the northwest of Iceland. It is also a gate to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve – wild remote peninsula where you can encounter wildlife, especially precious Icelandic foxes.

Swimming in the natural hot spring in Westfjords. Iceland travel, hot spring, natural hot spring in Iceland Swimming in the natural hot spring in Westfjords.

11. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is Icelandic cliche, but still one of the most interesting places for thermal bathing in the world. This geothermal spa is rich in minerals which were originally used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis. Nowadays it is the most visited touristic place in Iceland for its uniqueness and health benefits.

Would you like to visit Iceland? What are your favorite places there?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Great list! Sadly, we didn’t make it to 8, 9, & 10! We were there when the Westfjords are inaccessible. Just means we have to go back again! 🙂 You’re pictures are fantastic!

    • Barbaria says:

      Thank you Sarah!
      True, we agreed that we gotta come back again one day too. Maybe we would like to visit Iceland in winter this time, to see more of aurora and magical atmosphere of freezing Iceland 🙂

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